Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I went to a movie this afternoon, and I brought in (horror) a diet Pepsi to drink with my free popcorn. It seems that everytime I go to see a movie, on the drive home I feel like crying. I get very mopey and withdrawn. I was wondering about this on the way home today and figured it had to be the diet soda.

My sister had left a message to call her and when I did, I was very quiet on the phone and she asked me what was wrong because I sounded so down. I told her I was tired, but it got me thinking. Then I called Kira back and she asked me what was wrong too. Well, two family members asking me what was wrong within a ten minute span…I got on Google as soon as I hung up.

Yikes, I’m not drinking diet soda anymore. I’m sure I’ll break down and have one on occasion, but certainly not routinely. I’ve pretty much cut out diet soda from my diet anyway and drink water instead, and I’ve heard bad things about Aspartame, but I’ve never read anything about it. At least I have an explanation for feeling like running off the road straight into a tree.

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