Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I can go for months without having anything specific to draw. Oh I have many things I CAN draw and that I SHOULD draw, but it seems I don’t unless I have a deadline looming in front of me.

Heidi had her baby almost 1 month ago, and I knew her name a few days after that (Mom and Dad had a bit of a time coming up with a girl name) ha! ha! I could have had it done by now, but do I?! Good heavens NO, I haven’t even started it. tsk I guess I better get going on that because I think the shower may be this coming month.

Then a co-worker of mine asked if I could get a drawing of a dog done by Labor Day, for a wedding present (for a couple that has everything they could possibly need). I of course said Yes! I always work better with a deadline.

Then there are two others I need to draw for presents, one pretty soon and the other I have a little time yet. Both of the feline persuasion and I also have one started of Annie that is turning out spectacular that I really want to finish. (I still need to finish one of Ethan that I started about 10 years ago. Maybe I should get on that, huh?)

But at this time of year, I always have so many other things to do that can’t wait, like…see my previous post…Yard work...

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