Thursday, September 23, 2010

Around the yard…

The other evening we were skyping with Andy and he asked if I could walk the laptop around the house. It’s been four months since he’s been here and he wanted to see if anything has changed. Unfortunately, there are still boxes waiting to find a new home. As I said in my previous post, we have a few projects started, and I need to put a huge shelf together before I can put the boxes away. I suppose I could do that tomorrow too…hmmm, my to-do list is getting kind of long.

Anyway, I thought Andy might like to see what the yard looks like at this time of year. The plants are quite a bit bigger than they were in June, and the pear tree is so loaded with pears that the weight broke some of the branches, so I think that poor tree is in for a severe pruning after harvest. The goldfish in the pond keep having babies and they grow really fast. It’s hard to believe that the fish in the pictures are this spring’s babies. I didn’t get the huge white fish in the picture, but I think there might be a koi in there.

P1010740 P1010741 P1010742 P1010743 P1010745 P1010746 P1010749

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