Thursday, September 23, 2010


One of our projects this summer is to try and finish connecting the pond to the pergola. With all of the projects we have started, it’s been a little difficult to concentrate very hard on any of them. I think I’ve pretty much burned David out with all of the ideas I have.

While we were at the cabin, Barb and I got to talking about our unfinished projects and she suggested that David and I work together on one project and actually finish it. WOW, what a concept, unfortunately, for us it sounds much easier than it really is. I see other people start a project and work, work, work until it’s finished. Then they get to enjoy it!!! So, even though I’d really like to have the basement finished, that we can do when the weather is less than ideal, where as the patio has a time and weather limit. I figure we have about six weeks to get all done. It certainly is attainable, but, well, you know, things come up. We have the circle laid out, the fire ring in with the first ring of granite in. The second ring of granite has been started, but I had to stop so more sand could be wheeled in. Our neighbor Ed was kind enough to help out with that, and he and David were able to get most if not all the sand spread out. Then I had to work a couple days, and then it started raining and has been for the last three days. At least the sand is good and packed down. Hopefully the weather will be good tomorrow and I can lay more granite. After the granite is all in, we will pour cement, put some aggregate in and voila, it will be done. I will believe it when I see it. I took a few photos of work in progress.

P1010738  P1010748

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