Saturday, November 13, 2010

November 13…

We have had a superb 2 months, wonderful weather, sunny skies, no rain, perfect weather to finish off the patio. The evening of November 12th, we were wheelbarrowing woodchips to the side yard by the fence and the walkway I just finished. We were scurrying because a winter storm was expected to start sometime during the night.

In the morning of November 13, I was lying in bed and I always try to guess what time it is, providing I haven’t set the alarm to actually wake me up. I guessed about 7:30, which was just about right, and as I lay there, I realized the sound from outside sounded very muffled. If you pay attention, you can always tell when snow has fallen during the night, because any sound coming from outside sounds like it is covered by blankets.

I got out of bed, looked out the window and wow! there was snow, big, fat flakes falling down, and blowing sideways and twirling around. It snowed quite hard until about 2:30, then it just sort of spit a little, leaving us with about 10 inches of snow.  The temperature was high enough that when we got around to shoveling off the deck and driveway, I just wore a sweater and a furry lined sweatshirt. It was so warm that I was sweating while shoveling. I was working on the driveway when Ethan came home from working at Target, and he said Target had completely sold out of all shovels and icemelt. I’ll also bet most of their mittens, hats, kids boots, jackets and sleds were gone. It was just the most perfect snow to make snowmen and snowballs out of, and you know that snow has to be wet to make good snowmen and snowballs, so that means that this wet snow was really, really heavy. I could barely lift a shovel full of snow, it was like too firm slush. Poor Annie had snow clumps in her leg fir that I couldn’t even pull off, it had to melt off. 

The bad part of this day was losing power. It went off about 12:30 and came on while Ethan and David were out picking up a few things from Cub, and our pizza dinner from Scoreboard which was about 5:15. I was finding candles and lighting them in each room, making sure I had ones in jars or out of the way so the cats wouldn’t start the house on fire. I was upstairs lighting the last few when I heard a noise, sound in the house…power had been restored. Man, are we ever spoiled by power. No TV, no radio, no internet, no computer. I could have had computer, but my laptop is so big that the battery tends to peter out pretty quickly. My iPOD was just about dead, and so was my phone, and with no power, I couldn’t charge them. I had done some cleaning and dusting, and I though I would sit down a read a bit, but it was getting too dark. I had wanted to take some pictures of the first snow, but the battery for my camera was dead too. I tell you, when it rains it pours!! So I think I will try to take a few first thing in the morning before church. I did get one with the camera on my phone that I sent to both Kira and Andy. They were both going to be enjoying temperatures in the 70 – 80’s and I just thought they needed a little fresh snow in their lives.P1010871 P1010873

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Heidi said...

The drive to work that morning stunk :) Glad that you didn't have to go too long without power!