Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thanksgiving countdown - Day 12...

Caroline, from has been posting daily about things she is grateful for.
Thanksgiving will be here in just 12 days, so I figure I still have time to think of some things I am grateful for.

I am very grateful for a husband that can ignore the bad side of my personality.
He has a 'thick skin' and is able to let not so nice comments just slide off his shoulders.
He doesn't take things personally, so he's able to be himself where ever he goes.
He is comfortable around people, so he is able to converse easily with my co-workers, yet he has learned to let me be and not bring any attention to me when we go to a gathering with a lot of people that he knows and I don't. 
He can be silly, and goofy, and sweet, and that is Okay!!

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