Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cleaning windows...

I thoroughly despise cleaning windows. I guess it's not a wonder then, why I can barely see out of them most of the year. hmmmm
I only clean them twice a year, unless Oliver sneezes a big honking goober on one, or Annie decides to use the window to wipe her wet nose. So twice a year, Spring, when it's time to open up the windows to the fresh spring air, and Autumn, when it's time to close them for the season to keep out the cold.
I started with my bedroom at about 14:00 and finished only five windows by 17:00. That sounds like an awfully long time to clean five windows, but not only do I have the regular windows, I also have combination storm windows too. I have to remove the inner windows (thank God they come out), then remove the combinations. I  vacuum off the screen section and wipe down the frame, then I clean both sides of each of the other sections. I clean the sill and any visible gunk. Next I clean both sides of the inner windows then put them all back.
If I just did that much, I would have gotten a few more done, but as long as I had the wood cleaner out, I cleaned the wooden frame, then dusted the rest of the room. I also had to vacuum behind the nightstand that I pulled out to get to the window.
I did Kira's room next (we decided to call the rooms our kids vacated by their names, it was easier than renaming them), and I had to pull out the love seat, vacuum, and re-arrange a bit.
Next was Andy's room. The window was no problem, but when that was all shiny, I took a look at the blinds and decided they were way too disgusting to leave, so I clean one of them too. It looks like new!! I still have the double windows and blind to clean in that room.
After Andy's room, I only have two more upstairs, then I can proceed to the main floor. I only have 24 windows and a patio door down there. Thankfully though, only six of those windows have combinations, the rest only have a screen (which I hate).
I really would like to finish tomorrow before it gets too cold. It's too hard on my poor fingertips when it's cold.

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