Thursday, February 2, 2012

A look around...

 Every so often I simply Have to go to the zoo, and  I'm not exactly sure why. I love seeing the animals, their personalities are so different and the expressions they make and the things they do always makes me and my family talk for the animals, it get hilarious, depending on which family member is doing the talking. When I go by myself, I still make the animals talk, I just don't do it out loud.
The bird show is something I rarely ever miss. Kira does something similar in her job as a zookeeper at the Phoenix Zoo, and it's my hope and wish that someday she will get a job at the MN Zoo and finally move back home...where she belongs! ha! I would be soooo happy to have another of my chicks at home.

I love sitting in the 'fly zone', either inside or out. I've seen the show so many times and even though it is changed every so often to liven things up, they still have birds fly down to the stage from up behind the audience. When that Great Horned Owl flies right over my head, there is no sound, but there is a sort of whoosh as his body just sails over my head. It's so cool.

The Minnesota Trail is getting a Black Bear exhibit this fall that I'm pretty excited to see. Right now that area is sealed off so we can't even see the progress. I guess I'll just have to be patient, and satisfy myself with some of the other animals found there.
Like the wolves. The female is very light and the new male they've had a few months is quite dark. 
The female is in heat and the keepers are hoping they will mate, but as of this last Monday, they have had no luck.
The aquarium is my least favorite part of the zoo, even though I always take a look, I can pretty much take it or leave it. I did get some good photos of the sea horses though.

I ended the day by wandering the outside trails and this is what I found.

As I neared the Tiger Lair, I heard roaring and COOL! He just kept roaring as he walked back and forth in front of the glass viewing area.

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