Monday, March 12, 2012


March 12 - Store

I was out and about today, stopping at JoAnn Etc., Cub Foods, and Target and I had my camera with me, knowing that today's word was Store. I completely forgot about taking a picture at JoAnn's, even though I had my big girl camera in my purse and the weight of it was giving me a headache. I thought about taking a picture of Cub when I was in the parking lot, then decided it was just boring, and the thought of taking a picture of Target didn't do anything for me either. My last idea was to take a picture of the new WalMart that is being built where Brookdale used to be. I nixed that idea too when I realized there was no good place to park, and I would have to walk. tsk...there I go being lazy again. Ha! I figured I would just wait until tomorrow after work, to find a store.
Once I was home, I walked past one of the plastic bins that store some of the stuff my kids left behind, one of the bins that I already have some pictures of. hmmm, but...that would be cheating, right?? Maybe not. eyes noticed the closet in my work room (Kira's old room that I took over when she moved) the closet that I store all of my craft/art/sewing/wrapping stuff in. That would work, right?? So I took a bunch of pictures of that, and, well, that turned out to be just.plain.dull. My very last idea was the tall, black cabinet that my maternal Great Grandfather made for his kitchen. It was in my basement (which was my maternal Grandparents house) when I moved in, and in my breakfast nook, when I started decorating. It went back to the basement after David and I married and we remodeled the house, where I used it to store laundry soap and dryer sheets. It finally found it's way to the my workroom on the second floor, thank-you David and Ethan for lugging it up for me, and with several coats of black and green paint, I have a place to store books and pretty boxes and tins and candles (and my iron). I've loved this cabinet ever since I was a little girl visiting my Grandma and playing in her basement. I think it's happy with it's black and green coat.

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