Tuesday, March 13, 2012


March 13 - Favorite Accessory

These are This is half of my very favorite earrings. Earrings that I can no longer wear because the other half is either on the shore of the Mississippi in Monticello, or it was on Main Street in Anoka. I was wearing them last month when David and I took a drive to see the Trumpeter Swans, and I didn't realize that I had lost one until we got in the house and I took off my jacket. I'm in the habit of routinely checking my ears whenever I wear any of my wire earrings, just to make sure they are still hanging there, so I was shocked when I only felt one. This really upsets me, because I bought them in a little shop in Scottsdale Arizona. I figure I could fly out and visit Kira and maybe pick up a new pair at the same time, but she doesn't have any free time for a visit, what with working two jobs just to make ends meet, besides that, she would really rather come home to visit.
Soooo, I'm thinking of contacting the artist to see if he would be willing to make me a replacement. I've got my fingers crossed.

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