Monday, March 19, 2012


March 18 - book

After church today, I stopped at Menard's to pick up some paint for the porch ceiling. I want to finish off the ceiling with the beadboard I have had for three years now, (I've been waiting for my youngest son to get it painted and help put it up...because he owes me lotsssss of money) and I was all out of white ceiling paint. I suppose I didn't need 'ceiling paint' but is was the cheapest, so, there you go!

Now, it is physically impossible for me to go into any store, get what I need and leave, without spending quite a bit of time wandering about looking at all sorts of things. I happen to love wandering around Menard's and The Home Depot, I get so many ideas this way, which is what happened today. I finally found myself in the paint department, after picking up a five pack of socks, looking at landscaping blocks, decorative antique looking tins, and garden shed plans. They just happen to have their 'How To' books in the paint department and, well, I pretty much have to look at books when I see them. I looked through several and then came upon this book...

Just what I wanted...we've been thinking of building a combination greenhouse/gardenshed and this has a lot  of examples of both and how to get electricity and water to it, etc. 

This is pretty much what I would like. I've been looking on Craigslist for used windows, but so far I haven't found any that I want. I'm going to stop at Bauer Bros. tomorrow and see what they have for decent windows.

I could have just told my husband about this great book and he could have taken a look at it next time he was in Menard's, but it found it's way into my cart and once something jumps into my cart, I usually let it stay there. I found a few more cool ideas while looking though it when I got home...

Raised beds...I would love some raised beds.

Copper and bamboo fencing 
(I wonder how long it would take Annie to demolish these)

Concrete edging
(I think this is a great idea, easier than laying edging blocks all around the flower gardens)

So, I've put more things on the 'To Do List' and there might be a very slight chance that one of them may get started (after the basement gets done and the flower gardens get weeded and mulched and David spends some of his weekends at the cabin splitting wood, and.................)

Well, I can dream can't I?!?

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