Friday, March 23, 2012


March 23 - sweet

When I think of the word sweet, I automatically think of chocolate cake, or cookies, or candy, but I don't eat those anymore. Once in a blue moon, I will eat a little cake, no frosting, just cake, but without the frosting, it just doesn't taste as good, and if I eat the frosting, I will get very crabby.
So, what else is sweet???
We planted a Magnolia bush the end of last summer and we were praying it made it through winter, and it did a very fine job of surviving. It is beautiful and full of blooms, and the smell is heavenly sweet.

The other thing I found that is really sweet, is our dead Balsam Christmas tree. We always buy a cut tree and we like the Balsam, because it is very soft and thick and nicely shaped. Also, I can touch it without having my skin break out. When I'm working outside and am anywhere near this tree, I can smell it's sweet smell and I can't wait until we burn it in the fire pit.

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Carolynn said...

Oh my - I've gone completely the other direction. I rarely ever used to eat sweets, preferring salty treats instead. Now, in ADDITION to the salty treats, I'm scarfing down chocolates, pies, ice cream, you name it. It's really quite serious...