Friday, March 30, 2012


March 30 - my workplace

I work in a hospital lab, which isn't a very pretty, aesthetic place, rather utilitarian.
I also have a "cube office", which isn't very pretty either, but I have tried to make it look pretty by hanging
some scrapbook pages of my family. It makes me happy to see them whenever I have a desk day and can
catch up on necessary work that tends to get put off until there is time.

A friend of mine was cleaning out a house and needed boxes, so we were saving them for her and storing them in my cube. It got a little crowded this past week, while I just happened to have several desk days in a row, and I teased her about crawling over the boxes, arranging them in the entry and hiding from the rest of the lab. I think she thought I was actually upset at all the boxes (I wasn't, I enjoy coziness) because when I came back from a short break yesterday, I found a bag of M&Ms and a tiny Daffodil plant sitting on my desk. I sat there trying to figure out who they were for and who left them, when I realized 1/2 of the boxes were missing. Just as the lightbulb turned on over my head, my friend walked in to get another load of boxes.  I had started to panic when I saw the M&Ms, because I don't eat chocolate anymore, so when she walked in, she told me they were for the guy who was nice enough to save the boxes for her. Whew!!
She is such a sweet, caring person, always thinking of nice things like this.

Thank-you dear friend, I love the little Daffodils, they bring color and happiness to my dreary little cube.

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