Sunday, April 1, 2012

Linked 52 - Planning

I have been extra busy at work lately and we are trying to get our basement done before another year goes by.

David finished sanding the sheetrock, then we rolled on a coat of primer.
I've had the bathroom wall tile for months and was able to start putting it up on Saturday. I had hoped to either finish or get a lot done on Sunday, but we ended up spending a couple hours going from Menard's to The Home Depot, then back to Menard's to pick out the flooring we wanted. It's like linoleum, but needs no adhesive, just cut it to fit and install the molding. I don't have a sample of the one we ordered, but it is a light tan/grey oak (looks like hardwood flooring). We wanted something that wasn't horribly expensive (it's a basement - an OLD basement), something that could withstand a possible cat accident, something that wouldn't mold or mildew and something that was NOT carpet. I think this will work out very nicely.
I got ceramic tile for the bathroom floor in shades of cream/tan/brown/grey, which goes nicely with the flooring for the main room.
Cream subway tiles in a vertical design will be in the tub surround.
Obviously, the tub, sink and toilet are 1950's blue. Yes, we actually hunted these down. Most people get rid of these as soon as they can, but I march to a different drummer, and thank goodness I have a husband that trusts my tastes.
I found material for the shower curtain in a blue/brown/cream batik design.
I'm going to put bead board on the walls about 2/3 of the way up and paint it cream.
The walls about the bead board will be a darker color in the brownish tones.
We also found an old medicine chest and wall sconces that keep with the era.
I'm very excited to get it finished...hopefully by the end of the week, (well, at least the tiling will be done by then).


LIza said...

Ahhh, yes. We finished our basement in our house in CT some time ago. It was a labor of love and were so glad we had gone through the trouble. We and our guests still talk about that reno. Can't wait to see the finish project.

Hilary said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished product. My S.O. has that exact shade of blue for his tub and sinks. The toilet has since been replaced by white. I quite like it too. I'd always wanted pink fixtures with white tiles and black contrast.

Andrea said...

Far too much planning has to go into a remodel like that, that I'd likely be lost. Or I'd have to learn to plan better. ;) You'll have to show us some "after" photos when it is complete.