Saturday, May 19, 2012

Linked 52 - Angry

I was going to skip this week for two reasons,
1) I was going to be out of town
2) I didn't have the slightest clue what to do for this word.
I see most eveyone else was having problems too, but they were able to come up with something.
So, while on my minnie vacation and with David's help, we  thought of something that ends up making me extremely
I know this sounds rather strange, but I have posted about it before, chocolate reacts with my system in a very negative way.
Actually, a big amount of sugar ( like a big sweet roll ), will have a similar effect on me, but not to the extent that chocolate does.
It's sad really, chocolate is so wonderful, but, well...I'm just not going there anymore.
This is a picture taken with my phone of what was left over from  large, very rich, chocolate cake that Molly bought for Steve's birthday (two co-workers of mine). It was sitting on the table just inches from me,  and I am proud to say I was not even tempted. Yay me!


Hilary said...

Oh that is SUCH a shame. I feel for you.

Jean said...

i'm not big on sweets. i didn't much of it growing up and once i started to work & buy my own, i went on a bit of a rage that my boyfriend even called me junk food queen... but it was just a phase to get over from my childhood of not having sweets.

sara said...

i wish i reacted to chocolate in that way...then maybe i wouldn't eat so much of it!! :)
good for you for not even being tempted!

stacey said... makes me a little angry that you can't eat chocolate!

Andrea said...

That's just all sorts of wrong that you can't eat chocolate! That would make me angry!