Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday - Wednesday alphabet...G

Today is Sunday, which means, the letter for today is G...

I found a few Gs while on my mini vacation this weekend in Madison, Wisconsin.

We went to the Henry Vilas Zoo (we always go to the zoo, always) an old, small, quaint little zoo that reminds me a lot of Como Zoo in St. Paul, MN. It is located right in Madison, with Lake Wingra on the south side and a neighbor hood with closely set homes on the north. Even if they wanted to expand, it would be impossible, there is NO room to do so, they are however doing some remodeling/renovation for the polar bears and their friends, which should be pretty exciting.
There were three giraffes in one exhibit, we figured one was Mom (she looked like she could have used a Calgon day) and two siblings (sorry, didn't look close enough to see if they were sisters or brothers). We figured they were siblings by the way they were acting (pretty much a been there, done that sort of thing). They were standing on opposite sides of a fence, and would take turns smacking each other with their heads. They weren't putting a whole lot of effort into it though, more like they were trying to see who would start whining first and get Mom mad. This one is just going in for the smack!

We had dinner on Friday night at Bunky's Cafe and started out with an appetizer of 
Stuffed Grape Leaves. They were stuffed with rice, tomatoes, parsley and the chef's secret spices (I wasn't overly fond of the secret spices, but David loved it), with a cucumber yogurt sauce. 
This place was so cute, with mismatched plates and utensils, silver serving dishes on the table with salt, pepper and sugar, one wall displayed assorted mirrors and another old matchbooks. It was really nice and they even had a decent gluten free menu. I would love to visit there again, but Madison has so many intriguing places to dine, that I would probably check out one of them first.
While waiting for a table (it just happened to be Graduation weekend for all the colleges in Madison)
I noticed a wall full of framed reviews that you can read all about.

Saturday's dinner was at a pub called The Great Dane Pub We wanted someplace that had an outdoor patio and the reviews I read listed an outdoor patio, but when we walked up to it, the sidewalk was empty, so we were hoping there was one in the backyard. The noise level when we walked through the doors was deafening, but luckily they really did have a backyard patio and we were able to get seated right away. 
It was beautiful! Located on the lower level, it was L shaped and surrounded by two story brick walls covered in ivy. Our server Ashley was the BEST server we have ever had and if everyone else shows her that by leaving the kind of tip we did, she should be doing well. This place also has a gluten free menu, and insanely decent prices. I asked for the bartender to make me a fruity drink with dark rum, her choice. I was brought a luscious red/orange drink that was excellent. Ashley asked my name and I told her Janet, and she said they would name that drink after me. ( I'm really kind of doubting that, but it's nice anyway). This is one of their water glasses.

On our drive both to and from Madison, we saw lots and lots of varying shades of green fields, mostly farm fields and I absolutely love rolling farmland so I was mesmerized the majority of the ride. So you think we could have stopped just about anywhere and taken a Good picture???? Didn't even cross my mind, not even while I was trying to take some out of my window.

O, I have to add this, even though it does not start with G...we saw at LEAST two dozen dead deer on the sides and median of the highway, two live ones that were headed for traffic and decided at the last minute they would rather live to see their young grow up, several dead raccoons, a dead badger and something that we think was a dead coyote. All in Wisconsin, and one dead deer just as we crossed over into Minnesota (we figure he was a Wisconsin  resident that might have been trying to visit relatives over here in Minnesota!)

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Kira Leigh said...

Like everything in Wisconsin, Wisconsin wildlife is stupider than Minnesota wildlife. Sounds like you had a fun trip! I wish I had time/money to take a little trip like that. I also don't have anyone to go with. :(

Jean said...

You must try Brasa! :) Their prices are very reasonable! :) And a lot of glueten free stuff! :) They don't take reservations, but we went at 2pm on a Monday & were seated right away! :)