Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sunday - Wednesday Alphabet = H

Once again I am late, this is Thursday not Wednesday, tsk! Who cares anyway, Kira, do you?!

Today's letter of the alphabet is H...

I was having a hard time thinking of something that started with H, and by the time I figured out what I wanted to do, it was Wednesday evening, and a nasty storm was brewing, which means there was NoGoodLight, heck, there was hardly any light at all. I figured I would just wait till the next day and hopefully there might be a little sunlight. HA! No, it rained for a good portion of the day.

Fortunately, while we were out doing errands because it was too crummy out to garden, we stopped by Bachman's, after I got a medium, skim, pumpkin pie ice crema (with light whip) and what do you suppose I found there...

Hosta and Hydrangea and Hibiscus. Now, I have all of these in my yard, but, well, if I waited for the weather to cooperate, I would be posting this next Monday, and I had my trusty android phone with me, which I love, so I got all but one of these photos at my favorite garden center.

I probably have all of these hostas planted somewhere in my yard (I never kept the little tag that comes with the plants, so I have No idea what kind I have, I just know they look very similar)

This one above is my Hibiscus (I always call it a Hibiscuit because my mom's neighbor mispronounces words all the time, such as KMark instead of KMart)

This is my Hydrangea also.

So, I know Kira is also late with her H, but hop on over and see what she came up with!

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