Saturday, May 26, 2012

Linked 52 - Temptation

I'm late again...I am tempted by so many things, it's hard to decide on something.
I've said before that I haven't had chocolate in about a year and a half, so I'm only tempted a little. The smell of chocolate is harder to ignore than the sight or thought.

Now breads and baked goods just about kill me. I bought a sweet roll yesterday specifically to photograph (I did Not buy the glazed cinnamon croissants that I love, because I didn't think my will power was strong enough) and I ended up making my husband take it somewhere out of my sight.
I went to the Farmer's Market today and thought I could get some better photos, because the one I have is less than even ok, but everything looked so delicious that I didn't dare get too close. Going gluten free is waaay harder than quitting smoking, harder than giving up diet soda (never did like the real stuff), and so much harder than giving up chocolate. I keep poking the areas that have hurt the most (fibromyalgia) two months ago, and they really are much less painful. Good thing, because I could just snarf a cheeseburger, or real pizza, or a sweet roll. I'm going to give this a few more months and see how I feel, and if I still feel better, Then I will try making gluten free breads, for now I'm Okay without it. is one of my temptations, bad photo and all.

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Anonymous said...

So many of my friends deal with gluten free eating. I always feel for them, having to "special order" or scour the menu or go without. My friend has gluten free kids and husband and her dream is to open a gluten free bakery. I really hope she does. She is an amazing cook and I believe she could offer people eating gluten free such a gift (and a way to avoid temptation!). ;)