Thursday, June 14, 2012

Alphabet N...

N is nice,
N is new,

N is for my Not so New candles.

I used to throw out the small bit of candle that was left in the bottom of the jar after the wick was used up, but my hubby started to collect those bits and use them for firestarters by melting them and adding sawdust.
We save cardboard egg cartons and he uses the egg form to for his firestarters. I have to admit, that was pretty good thinking on his part.

So, I started to think...if He can do it, geez I sure should be able to do it, and now I have two new old candles in scents that I Love.

I used a waxed whipping cream container for the square one and if I were real picky, I would smooth the seams (guess I'm not that picky).
The glass jar had a different candle in it at one time that I didn't like the smell of, so that one got used right away for a firestarter. But, I just happened to find the jar on the porch and remembered I had two almost used up candles of the same scent, that I love and were really expensive (why are candle so expensive anyway??)
I put both almost used up glass jars in a pot with a little water and heated it up. When it was all melted, I removed the old wicks and slowly poured the hot wax into the new jar, (this time with a wooden wick).
I let it cool for a few hours until it was firm and now I have a new old candle.

The wooden wick works pretty well, I'd never used one before, but it seems to burn very nicely.

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That's so cool!!!!!