Sunday, June 17, 2012

Alphabet O...

O, o, O, O, oooo

Oh, I actually put some thought into what to do for O, until I walked into my dining room and found...

Oliver!!  He Found us a few years ago, hanging around our yard, spending time on our deck, making himself available for some cuddles and our youngest, Ethan, was the perfect candidate to deliver them.
Unknown to me, Ethan started feeding and playing with him and after he was pretty certain he wasn't going anywhere, he told the #1 sucker about him (and that would be moi). Well, I didn't want another cat, seeing as how we already had two of them in the house, so Kira came to the rescue. She had worked at the Humane Society when she was in high school, and she suggested taking him there to get scanned for a possible chip, so if he had one, we could notify the owners. I was by now secretly hoping that he didn't have one. Well...hehadachip...damn. I called the phone number that was on file with the chip, and the previous owners gave me a very sorry excuse for why their cat was in Brooklyn Center MN and they lived in Wisconsin, and they clearly did not want him back. (whew!)
So, we now had another cat (remember, already have two in the house) and thought we should take him to the vet to get checked out, because of the sneeze, runny eye and runny nose, and I really didn't want the other cats to get sick. Well, thousands of dollars later, he still has a sneeze, runny eye and a runny nose. They think that he must have been wandering around for awhile and maybe sniffed at something a little too hard, and that something got stuck up in his sinus and formed a sort of cyst. He's had x-rays, steroids, multiple antibiotics, his sinuses cleaned and he's still the same.

I just have to put up with snot on my walls.
Yes, snot!
There is no short supply of Fun around here!

But, even with all the money we've spent and all the cleaning that I do should do, Oliver is the coolest cat we've ever had, jam packed full of personality and very cuddly. He loves to sit on shoulders and will jump up on them if you are not paying attention to him (except for me, I won't let him jump up on me). When he settles in on my lap chest (or anyone's) he reaches out and puts his paw on my face or he'll hold my face with both of his paws (you know where those paws have been) or if I'm eating chips, he uses his paw like a hand and will pull my chip holding hand (that he so badly wants) toward his mouth.
He is such a lover, he's our Olibutt.

Oh, one more thing, when Kira and I volunteered at the Humane Society, we realized that there was one type of cat that was always sooo nice and sweet and lovable...the male orange tabby.
Oliver just happens to be a male orange tabby...go figure.

See what Kira's O looks like.


Amanda said...

All these detail shots are great and I love the way you used the light/shadows. :)

Jean said...

wow. isn't that crazy how animals end up across the country from their home? just crazy. i mean, even from mn to wi. just crazy.

wish we could have some pets of our own, but the two of us have allergies :( so weird too b/c brady has always lived w/ animals.

Jean said...

oh yeah, forgot to mention. this wkend was actually mellow from what we have ahead of us. we get so happy when we can be somewhat "lazy" on the wkends :)

occasionally, we like to try new places here & there. but if we're on the go and don't know what to do, we go to our "go-to" places which are close to home :) i very much avoid fast food, i kind of cringe & would rather eat at home then.

it seems like we've been trying a lot of new restaurants that serve free range meat & more organic; which i totally forgot the name since i didn't blog about it. oops. bad me.