Monday, July 30, 2012

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Lately, whenever I am in my kitchen for any length of time, I start looking at how dark it seams to me. There's an awful lot of wood in my kitchen, with the stained cabinets and floor.  I think the trend now is for painted cabinets. I could buy painted cabinets, but there is no way I could take a paint brush to them...not oak. I would refinish them in a lighter stain, but not paint. 
So, that leaves painting the walls, and paint is a relatively inexpensive way to change up your surroundings. 
My older sister once told me (when my kids were young), "you could have nice things too if you didn't have children" Can you believe that???? It still bothers me and it's been years. I guess she thought she could say this because she's got money and never had any children, she probably said it because she has no tact and usually speaks without thinking. Geez, I hope she doesn't really think then speak because that would be really mean. 
Anyway, I decided it was time to paint the kitchen, because I can't find any material that I love for curtains, well, that's one reason. I have these dark cafe curtains and with the darker walls and all the wood, it sometimes feels claustrophobic. I wanted some retro material like I have now, but with a light background, but of course I never find what I'm looking for when I'm looking for it. I thought maybe stripes, but I couldn't find anything with my colors that I like. Then the other day, as I was walking around JoAnn Etc., I saw this paisley print that had all the right colors, so I asked the woman at the cutting table for a little sample, and she did just that, gave me a little sample, but turns out, it's big enough. 
I've decided on the light cream for the walls and I might paint the beadboard a slightly darker creamy shade. I figure with the lighter walls, the things I have on the shelves will pop out more.
My next dilemma is whether I should make cafe curtains or if I should hang them from the top of the window  by shower curtain rings on a metal or wooden rod. I'm leaning toward the longer curtains with the rings and rods.
I'm pretty excited to start painting and because I have NO extra time this week ( Beaker finally went live...for you nurses out there, so far, even with all the extra hours and all the bugs that weren't there in production but are there now... like Beaker, it's going to make lives so much better), maybe by waiting, I will end up finding a 50% off coupon for a single cut of fabric at JoAnn's. Fingers crossed!

Because I'm so late in posting, you've probably already had a chance to visit these talented ladies, but visit again anyway.


Jean said...

have you ever been to s.r. harris fabric out in brooklyn park? if not, google them. there is also mill end textiles in crystal. google them too if you haven't. prices are reasonable & you don't have to wait for a coupon. we get our fabrics there, brady, my sisters, and myself... my mom introduced us to s.r. harris. it's like heaven of fabric! big warehouse. i drool thinking about it.

your kitchen is so cute! our kitchen is dark, too. barely any big windows... brady had sewn tan curtains for our ktichen, he even pick the fabric himself. we have the half panel where it's that fake wood stuff and fake wood floor, all dark as well. and real wooded dark cabinets. and if you know me, you know i live in the kitchen (but sadly, not lately). everything is about new... so, we're hesitant to touch anything though it's a 100 yr old home. i might have to sneak n paint the half wooded wall (whatever they're called) one wkend when he's out w/ the boys. i dread dark rooms, too. it does seem so small n our kitchen really isn't. we could fit an island if we really wanted to.

Heather M. said...

good luck with your big project! it will be so awesome when you are done.

and i've had many, many people (particularly those without kids) say some really dumb things to me too. it's particularly maddening with it's family though, isn't it?!

Andrea said...

That's a big project! We just finished painting the family room and kitchen. Used to be a dark, olive green and now it's a warm, light yellow. So much brighter.
You have to post some photos of the finished project! I like that paisley fabric!

Naomi said...

I think your kitchen looks lovely but i totally get the need for change! I desperately want to repaint ours too but i hate painting! Ha! I think that paisley fabric is pretty!