Saturday, September 1, 2012

Linked 52 - Sunset...

I can never decide which I love more, a gorgeous sunrise, or a breathtaking sunset.

These were both taken today, the sunrise was from the parking ramp of North Memorial, I had a hard time not stopping on the ride in to snap a picture, but I refrained and safely waited until I was parked and had turned off the car before attempting to capture the sunrise.

When my son Andy was going to the Art Institutes International in downtown Minneapolis, I would often give him a ride in the morning on my way to work, and I would be in awe of the way the sun shown on our fabulous Minneapolis skyline, no two days were alike and I would anticipate the view while exiting I-94 and taking the 4th Street exit to Hennepin...I get giddy just thinking of some of the beauty I saw.

The sun was starting to set at the start of our walk this evening and I was hoping to get to a spot where I could see actually see the sun setting, but that's not very easy with all the trees we have here in the suburbs, I was hoping that just maybe, I could get to the foot bridge that goes over Hwy 100, but I had to settle for climbing the sliding hill at Earle Brown Elementary instead.
Both of these were taken with my phone, so they leave a bit to the imagination, but if you try, maybe you can see the sun sitting between the roof tops of the school. It was sooo much more breathtaking in real life, but then I think most things are, even with a better picture.

I saw an Instagram picture today that Pioneer Woman posted of the skies over Oklahoma, with the remains of Isaac clouds, and I told my husband that if the land had rolling hills, that's where I would like to live.
I'd love to have some land with open rolling hills so I could sit on my wrap around porch and watch the storms roll in, and the sun rise in glorious pink and orange and set in breathtaking pinks, lavenders, and oranges. I've always dreamed of running through rolling fields of tall grasses. I should maybe do something about my dreams before I'm too old to do more than just sit on that porch in my glider and gaze out at the land. Hmmm, that doesn't sound too bad either.

Stop by these blogs and take a look at their sunsets.


Tracey said...

I agree, both are beautiful! I am loving everyone's photos this week!

Liza said...

Sunrise, Sunset...sounds like a song from the Fiddler on the Roof. Both are beautiful.

Amanda Kelley said...

I couldn't agree more! The sunrise was so beautiful the other morning I wanted to take a picture...but my legs wouldn't get me out of bed, so I had to take a visual picture. Seems I can't sleep tonight, maybe I will be up for the sunrise today? I'll get my camera ready!

Great colors!

Hanne said...

Love these photos...such beautiful colors!

Andrea said...

The colors in these are just amazing! So vibrant. I can only imagine they were even more spectacular in person.
And I'm totally with you on the rolling hills and open skies. We don't have much of that here in Western Washington...too many trees and hills... the sky never looks quite as big as it does in Montana or Colorado (the only big sky states I've visited.)
Happy Weekend!!

Jean said...

so beautiful. i love both. i can't decide which i love better. these are great!

Anonymous said...

You should come hang out on my back deck with me. We sit up high and watch the sky change in clouds and colors depending on the time of day and weather systems. I never knew how much I'd love that until we started living here. It's breathtaking. :)