Friday, September 28, 2012

Linked 52 - Tools...

Tools, well, what kind of tools?
There are an awful lot of different tools that one can use on any given day.

Such as tools for...

book making
candle stick making
car care

I have dabbled in all of the above at some time in my life, but for this prompt, I chose gardening tools.

One would think that I have neat and tidy gardens, seeing as how I spent most of the last 6 months in a crouch or on my hands and knees, playing in the dirt, killing my back and wrist, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and gnats, wondering how much longer my luck can possibly hold out before I get mold spores in my lungs and end up in the hospital.

Well, um, NO, I do not have neat and tidy gardens, but I sure would like to. I would like to be able to go away for a week and not have to worry about what the gardens will look like when I return. I would like to have friends over and not be embarrassed by the state of my yard. I would like to go for my monthly massage and be able to ask for a relaxing massage, because no part of me really hurts.
The gardening I do is just a LOT of work that I do over and over and over again. Why? Because I was stubborn and didn't want to lay down weed block. I hated the old felt-like weed block we had years ago and refused to put that down again. Luckily we found a much lighter one that we/I am happy with. We have a couple more spots to finish up before winter (fingers and toes crossed), because I am getting real tired of pitching wood chips.
One of our projects over winter (in addition to finishing the basement that was supposed to be done this past spring) is to make a couple of Adirondack chairs (our old ones rotted) out of treated lumber, then paint and seal them so they are ready for some serious use come spring. I'd like them to be a little bit over-sized, and if we can find a pattern for the gliders, Yippee!!! I Love gliders.
My plan for next summer is to grab one of those chairs, find a nice cool shady spot in the yard, get a glass of pink lemonade, a good book, and relax and enjoy all my hard work, as often as I possibly can. (guess I'll have to make sure I go for extra walks and ride my bike to work)

Here is a little peek at my most used gardening tools...

I also took a few pictures that have nothing to do with gardening tools, but they do have a lot to do with gardening...

Stop on by these blogs and see what kind of tools these lovelies use!


Hanne said...

I have water in my garden, too :-) my mom made me a little pond with water running out of a terracotta vase! Love the Sound of running water - so relaxing!

tracy said...

Love the green shoes! They look so fun. And you have some beautiful flowers too.

Tracey said...

I always enjoy your gardening photos on Instagram. I love to garden but hate having to keep it up, as you said. And I do love your little red bird!!!

Jean said...

i love your garden. garden tools and tools in general are pretty cool! :)

stacey said...

Loved this look into your beautiful garden!!