Friday, November 23, 2012

Linked 52 - Gathering

Happy Thanksgiving


family, the one I was born into and the one that I helped make
eating turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, broccoli, jello
not eating stuffing, dinner rolls, green bean casserole
mom's pumpkin chiffon pie and leaving the crust
arguments, can't get away from them
laughter, always lots of this
talking, usually hogged by two
gazing off into space after eating too much
gabbing with my sister while washing dishes
letting her know I'll take mom christmas shopping
looking through the black friday ads
taking turns talking to kira on the phone
skyping with andy
loving that my children are adults, yet missing how they were when they were little
looking toward the future
loving that my mother is still with us
wonderful co-workers
a pretty okay day at work
gorgeous sunrise yesterday
even more gorgeous sunset
64 degrees and joggers in shorts on thanksgiving eve to 23 degrees and snow on thanksgiving night
my sister not drinking
all of us pulling together and not drinking with her
a glass of wine when I got home
son and his girl off to find some deals
hubs starting a fire in the stove
falling asleep on the sofa because of that fire
all in all a wonderful thanksgiving 2012

Please leave me a sure to see what gathering means to them.


Heather M. said...

Great list! Hope you had a happy thanksgiving!

Jean said...

Lovely list.

I didn't over-eat this year; which I am so proud of myself.

Do you ever go Black Friday shopping? I don't. It scares me.

I know, I already miss how my nieces & nephews were "little." As they get even to grade school, they are too cool for me. I can't imagine how I'd be... wait, I could. I'd be an emotional wreck, not necessarily bad though. But with the technology we have today, we're thankful we can skype, text, call, n all that good stuff.

Happy Thanksgiving!