Saturday, November 24, 2012

Up early...

I was blog hopping this morning, in between getting some chores done, and while at Nancy's blog, she wrote that she had stopped by here and decided to give it a try, and I thought I would also.

Zeldamom's: The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window -
The sun is just starting to rise, showing off with pink and orange streaks of beauty

I am thinking -
I really need to get the rest of my windows cleaned so I can close them up for winter.
Last week's weather was so beautiful, but not quite long enough for me to complete the job

In the kitchen -
The dishes that were drying in the rack are all put away and fresh coffee has been made

I am wearing -
Grey print knit pajama bottoms, a pale grey tank top and a brand new, soft grey Hane's zip up hoodie

I am creating -
A colored pencil name drawing for a work friend's baby girl

I am going -
Shopping today for a pretty sweater to wear with a black velvet dress I bought at the thrift store,
a pot for a plant that needs help and a can opener to replace the one that just broke

I am wondering -
Should I make door draft stoppers for Christmas gifts as long as I'm making a couple for myself?

I am reading -
Nothing at the moment...I need to get this name drawing done first, once I start reading, I just don't
want to stop

I am hoping -
That I am able to get in a nice long walk and maybe see my eagle

I am looking forward to -
Soaking in my claw foot tub

I am learning -
To see light and form and how I want my photographs to look...and to realize that just because
some bloggers have a lot of followers and get a bunch of comments, it does not mean I am less
than they are (that's very difficult)

Around the house -
Dust will be banished, carpets vacuumed, bathrooms rid of germs, laundry washed, dried, folded
and put away

I am pondering -
Why some bloggers participating in Linked 52 only comment on a few of their fellow participants
posts and don't or won't take the time to visit and comment on all of them, even though they are
all posted on time...

A favorite quote for today -
In a world where YOU can be anything...Be Yourself!!!

One of my favorite things -
I love to go for drives away from the city...old white farmhouses, red barns and silos, cows, sheep,
chickens, buying fresh brown eggs, eating a picnic lunch in a park, talking, and most of all, open,
rolling hills...sigh

A few plans for the rest of the week (I'll just say next week, seeing as how this is Saturday) -
Put up some Christmas decorations, take my mom to see the two blue lighted bridges here in Minneapolis, that she hasn't had a chance to see yet and play with my new camera

A peek into my day -


Jean said...

Oooh. I think I might hurry up and do this!!! :)

I just haven't been wanting to be in any commitments; that's why I am stopping the Linked52 project. But I'll still come by! :) :)

I want to see the new bridge as well. I keep telling Brady! I can't believe how much more was spent on it than desired! Crazy!!!!

Deanna said...

Oh I see you and I both read Nancy's blog and then decided to join in too. I liked reading your's always fun to read about others and their simple moments & thoughts. Thanks for sharing!!

Nancy Claeys said...

So much fun to get to know other bloggers via this method.

About followers and comments -- it takes time and I become frustrated when my blog hits a plateau. All we can do is just keep posting and hope for the best.

Thank you for visiting and I love your photos.

allisamazing said...

Your photo is beautiful and I love your quote! Have a great week :)

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

It's fun discovering other people/bloggers!! Love your photo of the crystals.
How awesome that you have a Claw foot tub!! Our NEXT house will have one or if remodel this one!!

Theresa said...

The sunrise you described sounds gorgeous! I like the way you wrote about your cleaning- makes it so much more interesting than plain old cleaning :)

beth said...

i always have the best intentions of playing along with these when i see them and then i'm on to something else and i forget....

BUT i'm so glad you was fun to read about you !!

Andrea said...

I keep seeing people do this post and I keep meaning to join in sometime!
And that frost photo is a-MAZ-ing!!