Friday, January 27, 2012

Missing Mom...

Ever since we got back from our week in Florida, Annie has been hanging around me more than usual.
I believe one of two things:
1. My sister (who Annie stayed with while we were gone) and my mother spoiled her by paying too much attention to her.
2. She missed me and is afraid I'll leave again if she turns her back.

Well, she may have missed me, but I actually think she got sister is real good at spoiling. Annie got a treat each time she came in from being outside, (not necessary, she comes very well), she went through a whole large container of yogurt (if she only got a large spoonful each meal, there would have been some left), and they just plain baby her.

So now, she won't leave me alone...and she stares at's a strange feeling when she just stares at me.

When I eat dinner, when I watch television, when I'm in the bathroom and most of the time I was reading my book, there was her head, peering at me. She is so intense! Sometimes I really wish they could talk.

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Andrea said...

Isn't it funny when they just stare at you? I always wondered what my dog was thinking. Our dog used to give my husband the cold shoulder whenever he got back from being out of town. It was kind of funny, because it really had to take a lot of effort on her part because she SOO loved him.
I think if I watched her I'd probably spoil her too. Look at that face. :)